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Vlajka Kuby

This well-known military outpost, which arised on the base of the U.S. and Cuban contract in 1901. The original aim of this cntract was to protect Cuban independence against Spanish tendency to get hold back this colony. But in practicular, the real intention was to protect the Panama Canal. It is necessary to point, that Cubans were really afraid of Spanish conquering, and the U.S. army was wellcomed. The yearly rate of rent was two thousands golds, which is about 4085 Dollars and contract was made for 99 years. However, it was required the agreement of both U.S. and Cuban sides. Therefore, the U.S. army unit, today´s Cuban enemy, has been staying in Cuba eventhough the strict Cuban disagreement. A part of the outpost are two airports, harbour for forty two war ships, and more than three thousands soldiers are on duty. The outpost is sorrouned by the minefields and many Cuban military standpoints, so that it is impossible to get inside. The only one posibility how to see it is the visiting of two places- Miradir Malones and Caimanera (with the historical museum). But Guantanámo is not "famous" olny because of the outpost- no less famous is the song Gauntanamera, which means the "Girl from Guantanámo".



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