Once Caribbean pirates’ base, now a place for wonderful diving holidays in the heart of the Caribbean

The tiny island Cayo Largo is situated in the Canarreos Archipelago, approximately 50 miles south of the Cuban coast. Once it served as Caribbean pirates’ base; from the 1980s it was also a symbol of a luxury exotic holiday in the Caribbean. In November 2001 it was heavily affected by Hurricane Michelle, and it was recovering from the disaster for a very long time and with big difficulty: two hotels were not restored at all, the others only after ten years with foreign investors’ participation. Now it is an ideal place for lovers of diving, fishing and other sea activities who like the base of high-quality all-inclusive hotel resorts. In fact, it is very difficult to imagine anything better for a family diving holiday.

The diving localities are situated in three areas: the first very close to the island (south and south-west of it), the second near Cayo Rosario (28km west of Cayo Largo), and third - probably the most beautiful - in the area Golfo de Gazones between the small islands Cayo Sigua and Cayo Blanco (48km on the north).

 CL divemap_small2 The first diving area is situated very close to the island (south and south-west of it), and its characteristics include barrier-type reefs and coral ridges and tunnels which often change to sand slopes in a depth about 18m. In some areas, the coral formations create real undersea mountain ranges and walls falling to a depth of about 50m and even more. cl diverkav
cl diverkav

Cayo Largo

Coral reef fish are represented there by schools of grunt and snapper 15-90cm long, surgeonfish, damselfish and many others. It is also possible to see there tortoise, tarpon, ray and eagle ray (see the picture).

Vznešené siby americké - eagle rays na lokalitě Montaňa. Radost pohledět
cl murena2v In coral hides there are plenty of rock lobster, various species of moray (attention, some of them are aggressive!), on sand areas of the bottom you can find colonies of queen conch (Strombus giga) - attention, it is an internationally protected fish, don’t take it (the possibility of really big difficulties in custom clearance, unexpectedly we got in trouble in the Prague Airport!!!). cl murena1v
cl two_in_onev

The second diving area is situated very close to Cayo Rosario, 29km west of Cayo Largo. The bottom relief is very interesting there; it creates real coral labyrinths in which you can find large black grouper, snapper, schools of horse mackerel, spadefish and often also nurse shark.

cl pacualav
cl gorgov

The third diving area is situated in Golfo de Gazones, 48km north-east of Cayo Largo, between the small islands Cayo Sigua and Cayos Blancos. Practically all localities contain beautiful walls falling from 15m (reef top) to a depth of 200m and more. The walls are covered with large sponge, big gorgonian and often also black coral.

cl gorgov
cl gorgov

Besides classic coral communities, it is possible to see there large pelagic fish - tarpon and tuna fish; if we are lucky, we can see Caribbean reef shark, hammerhead shark and whale shark. Cayo Sigua and Cayo Blanco are less than one meter above the water surface so it is not possible to hide anywhere when the sea is stormy. That is why a trip to these localities is only possible when the weather is excellent.

cl trumpv

Cayo Largo offers a fabulous combination of diving and relaxation on the local well-known beaches (Playa Sirena, Playa Paraiso, Playa Blanca, and Los Cocos & Tortuga) where you can enjoy surfing on waves, windsurfing, gliding, beach volleyball or small football.

cl seav

It is always possible to moisten a dry throat with cooled beer or some of the classic Cuban drinks...

It is always possible to moisten a dry throat with cooled beer or some of the classic Cuban drinks...


Nowadays Cayo Largo with its wounderful beaches and hotels is the place for a fabulous family diving holiday (with childrens) in the heart of the Caribbean.

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