Diving in Cuba

Caribbean shark in Jardines de la Reina


It is a strictly protected marine reserve, sometimes also called "the Galapagos of the Caribbean" or "Casto’s secret reef". Thanks to the fishing ban and strict limits for the number of visitors, it is possible to see there what the Caribbean looked like in Christopher Columbus’s times. Without doubt, it offers the best diving in Cuba.

Jardines de la Reina : Without doubt, it offers the best diving in Cuba
Young American crocodile in Jardines de la Reina


This small isle was once Caribbean pirates’ net. Nowadays, the local all-inclusive hotels on snow-white beaches with "singing sand" are an ideal place for family holidays with terrific diving.

Cayo Largo - island for your family diving holiday
Cayo Largo - island for your family diving holiday


It is a legendary locality at the western promontory of Cuba, located in the Bahía de Corrientes Bay (Pinar del Rio Province). According to the ancient legend, once there was Caribbean pirates’ base, and pretty Maria was their host and attendant - she cooked, served drinks, treated slashes got in fighting, consoled the gloomy...... 

Pretty Maria was their host and attendant...
Casimba de 35 Aniversario

Bay of Pigs

It contains nice deep walls with mostly excellent visibility. Simple diving from the shore is suitable even for beginners. It is interesting that it is possible to dive there in caves with mixed water (the first few metres fresh water, lower brackish and then sea water).  

Caves in Bay of Pigs
Diving from shore in Bay of Pigs


Isle of Youth, sometimes also Isle of Treasure, Isle of Pirates, Isle of Pines, is situated 50 miles south-east of the Cuban shore. There are coloured populations of coral, sponge and gorgonian, and walls, caves, tunnels, snapper, tarpon, horse mackerel, tortoise, barracuda, ray, and, in case of act of God, occasionally also shark...

Isla de la Juventud = Isle of Treasure = Isle of Pirates = Isle of Pines
Isla de la Juventud = Isle of Treasure = Isle of Pirates = Isle of Pines


It is a well-known place where bullsharks live, creatures that are responsible, according to certain references, for more human victims than great white. However, they are composed there; no attacks on tourists have been reported. Besides bullsharks, there are several interesting wrecks there.

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Bullshark in Playa Santa Lucia
Bullshark in Playa Santa Lucia

Jachting & diving

If you like yachting and like diving during it, then the cruises from Cienfuegos or Trinidad to Cayo Largo are intended just for you.


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Jachting & diving
Jachting & diving


It is one of the greatest and well-known Cuban resorts, even Al Capone went there for holiday. The greatest local diving spots of interest include a wreck of the Soviet guard ship BP 353 (Barco Patrullero) known as Russian Destroyer. It is the cheapest way of diving in Cuba.

Russian Destroyer in Varadero

Without doubt, the most interesting area for diving in Cuba lies in Jardines de la Reina. Thanks to the strict protection of National Marine Park (particularly commercial fishing ban and control of the number of visitors), we can see there the Caribbean as it was before the expansion of tourism in that part of the world.

In a majority of other Cuban localities nearly all large fish have been caught and eaten. Therefore we strongly recommend you to consider carefully the choice of the location before the holiday, and not rely on all euphemistic offers of some travel agencies. In particular, agencies not directly specialized in diving in Cuba sometimes present diving optimism which is a bit unrealistic.

Diving in Cuba


Cuba is a beautiful and lively country with a troubled history and great expectations for the future

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Diving in Cuba

What about a week on a ship surrounded by shark? Or rather the diving comfort at an all-inclusive hotel?

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