Travel conditions of the CUBA DIVE Inc.

Introductory provisions

CUBA DIVE Inc. (than only the organizer) is an official representative of the touroperators-organizers of the diving events in Cuba, namely of the AVALON OUTDOOR Inc. (a diving part) and PRESS TOURS s.p.a.(supporting programes) events.

A participant of the tour

The tours are addressed especially to the qualified divers and fishers, eventually for the aplicants of the diving course, older than age of 18. The participants till the age of 18 can take part in only with a written agreement of their legitimate representative. A client becomes a participant, i.e. personal entity or diving club, who fill a booking and pay a propriate price. The participant´s signatre on the application confirms a fact, that he/she is, in the health light, able to take part in the diving tour.

The inception of the contractual relations, reservation

Completing an application and paying a deposit 500 EUR per person (unless provided otherwise than in the application), the applicant gets the reservation with the scope and date of the event mentionted in the application. If the required term is full, an organizer has to inform a client till 7 days after reciving the application. In case that the substituted term is not decided, the organizer has to give back both money and deposit. On behalf of the prevention of that situation, we advise you to consult the occupacy of the journey. The client becomes the applicant after paying an additional peyment. This additional payment must be paid at least 6 weeks before the journey- payment means the recieving of the additional payment on the organizer´s account. In case that the sume is not paid till the defined date, the participation is considered to be canceled.

The price of the tour

The price is a contractual price between the appliact and the organizer, and includes the services mendioned in the application. For the services, which are the component, and which the participant doesn´t utilise, are not provided any sales. The organizer has a right to raise the price till a date of the reservation. In case of raising the deposit price about more than 10 per cent of the original cost, the participant has a right to cancel the journey till the 5 calendar days since the notice to organizer. In that case must the organizer give back the whole amount to the participant.

A change and cancellation of the contract at the hands of the organizer.

The organizer has a right to make a change of agreed conditions of the event in a needful case till 30 calendar days before the date of the tour. He must immediately inform the clients about this change. If the clients don´t agree with the change, they have a right to cancel the application till 5 calendar days. In that case is the whole amount given back to the applicant. The exception are the changes of the flights, trace of voyages and other changing caused by bad weather, natural disasters, hostilities, dangerous epidemic, plane or ship defects and the other contingencies. In this case, the organizator or the associate (airlines, keeper of the diving outpost, hotels etc.) doesn´t care the responsibily. The organizer has a right to cancel the journey whenever before the commencment for arithmetic underflow of the minimal amout of participants. In this case has the organizer to give back the whole amount to the participant.

The cancellation at the hands of the participant

The parcicipants have a right to recision from the participation by the written statement to the organizer. The cancellation comes with a delivering of this statement. After the recision has the participant to pay the cancellation fee to the organizer.

Cancellation fee:

300 EUR for the cancellation caused by the participant till 60 days before the journey

100 per cent of the whole amount caused by the participant in the shorter term than 60 days before the journey.

We really advice you to make a policy of the cancellation (we can arrange it at the European insurance company)/p>

Discretions and duties of the participants

A participant has a rule to: reclaim the defects of the provided service, and whenever before the initation of the journey to cancel it ( under the mentioned conditions). In the case of service reclaimation of some organizator´s and associates´ service, it is necessary to make a reclaiming list in the presence of both organizator´s and participant´s agent. Otherwise it won´t be acceptable. The reclamation must be applied till 5 days after finishing the tour. The participant must: pay the price in the agreed date, and evidence it with a propriate document, ensure the valid travel documents (e.g. valid passport), diving documents and insurance. The participant must behave in accordance with laws of the visited countries, enforce the instructions and behave yourself. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the finishing of the tour. The organizer isn´t responsible to participant´s injury in consequence of the limited operation of the passport. Within the scope of the tour, it is forbidden to fish under the sea, collection of living organisms, and devasting of the sea bottom. A breach of this commitment can lead to the exclusion of the participant (without a compensation).

The insurance conditions

A participation at the diving events with the CUBA DIVE Inc is at participant´s own risk. The organizer isn´t responsible for any actual bodily harms, lifes or possessions incurred by this expedition. Therefore, we pronouncedly advise you to insure at least the casualty insurance and the insurance of the medical expenses abroad. It is suitable also for the cases caused during diving. The diving insurance is DAN, European insurance company, we can provide you it).

These conditions are valid from January 1st,2007 till the rescission or till the release of the new conditions.


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