Fishing - Tarpon


Jardines de la Reina is the biggest chain of the islands south-eastwadrs from Cuban sea-coast. It is 125 miles long, and has the similar extend and character like Florida Keys. A company Avalon Outdoor Inc. completed a contact with the Cuban goverment, and is the only one who can provide diving and fishing services in this area. The islands extend at the area of 2600 sq.miles and are completely uninhabited. Excepting your mates, you don´t meet any other fishers.

Fishers are used to accomodating either at the floating hotel (houseboat) Tortuga or at the modern yacht Halcon. Tortuga is suitable for 14 fishers and there are 7 double-seat boats on command. The cappacity of the Yacht is 8 fishers (4 double-seat boats). In the area similar to Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West (on the distance of 90 miles), there are not more than 10 fishing boats in one day. In view of the giant extend, it never happends to register more people during a year. Actually, the fisher´s foot hasn´t come to the most of the areas yet...

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